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80's night

Friday 1st March, 8pm

Hop on into your Time-traveling Delorean, as we're going Back From the Future, with Mike Nova!
Break out your bangles, neon leggings and leg-warmers, your "Frankie Says" and "Choose Life T-Shirts," the hairspray and skinny ties, as The Red Lion, is going back to The 80's...

Tickets £8 or Twofer £15. The 80's...

Because we all know that "You just can't get enough."


Uley Hooley

Friday 22nd March

On March 22nd, 1985, the very first firkins of Uley Bitter left the brewery, destined for the thirsty village of Arlingham. 

With invoice 001 hanging proudly on the Wall of The Red Lion, a bit of Gloucestershire brewing history is preserved, and it seems like a pretty good excuse for a party... Not that excuses are ever really needed, when you've got good beer, a singing brewmaster, a charity skittles tournament, good food, good company, and Chas... 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, "THE ULEY HOOLEY."

A night of good cheer and great beer.

First pint at 1985 price of .50p (wouldn't it be nice if Uley Bitter was still £16.50 a firkin... God be with the days.)


Uley Brewery Invoice 001



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The small village of Arlingham is off the beaten track and surrounded by the River Severn horseshoe

The river paths and quiet roads make it a great place to explore on foot or by bicycle

And The Red Lion is ready to fill your belly or quench your thirst after your exercise