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Folk NIghts

The Red Lion has two folk nights where musicians gather to play, sup and socialise. They are not formal affairs, just a gathering of talented locals.

Every other Monday is a very open gathering. If you are new to playing, singing or shaking your tamborine then you will be very much encouraged to join in even if you are a raw beginner. You will be shown some of the popular tunes they play and then you will know what to practice for the next meeting. If you are just a listener, that's fine too. Whether you want to sit and watch avidly or just enjoy the traditional tunes in the background as you sup your pint or enjoy a meal, you will find that the music adds a great atmosphere to a country pub.

Newcomers are welcome to join in, but as the tunes may be a little more complex and the gathering tends to be larger, this is better suited to those with some experience. The listening experience is still great though, so why not pop in one night and plonk yourself in a relaxing armchair as the tunes drift through the pub.



The small village of Arlingham is off the beaten track and surrounded by the River Severn horseshoe

The river paths and quiet roads make it a great place to explore on foot or by bicycle

And The Red Lion is ready to fill your belly or quench your thirst after your exercise