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Table Sharers

Table Sharers

Breads & olives

Warm Ciabatta Bread, olives, halloumi, sundried tomatoes & Olive Oil with Balsamic Syrup (V)


Camembert to share

Garlic & rosemary studded camembert, served with apple chutney & warm ciabatta bread


Tapas Board

Warm ciabatta bread, garlic & coriander hummus, fried chorizo, olives & olive oil and balsamic syrup


Seafood Board

Salt & pepper squid, scampi & whitebait, served with a rocket garnish & lemon mayonnaise




The small village of Arlingham is off the beaten track and surrounded by the River Severn horseshoe

The river paths and quiet roads make it a great place to explore on foot or by bicycle

And The Red Lion is ready to fill your belly or quench your thirst after your exercise